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Conspiracy of Timothy B. Riley, Michael Riley, and John Oiler

Conspiracy of Timothy B. Riley, Michael Riley, and John Oiler – Conspiracy of corruption in the U.S happened again in May 2019. This time, the news came from retired Pennsylvania general attorneys, local narcotics Agents, and narcotics investigations. This is one of the big scale conspiracies since the case involves nation-wide drug trafficking in the U.S.

– Drug Trafficking Organization
This case started when the conspirator, Timothy Riley, and his two co-conspirators, Michael Riley and John Oiler made an operation of selling drugs. They provided drugs underground from and to Pennsylvania to another place in U.S. They intended to take cash of drug selling and granted access of drug trafficking from Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania indeed makes good business for drugs as well as online gambling games.

– Using Storage Unit
To make the operation successfull, those three persons rent a unit of storage around Pennsylvania In that place, they accepted payment and granted access to selling drugs and send it to some places. This happened for years because Timothy Riley and the other two co-conspirators had official access to permit selling drugs around the U.S. So unlike online games players who often denied to access online casinos like, these people sell drugs above the radar.

– The Load of Cash
In the storage unit, Michael Riley got payment of a large amount of cash while the other friends were doing business with permission. The storage also had a role for the transit of the cash and as the storage place of the money in every transaction.

– Pleaded Guilty
After several steps of investigations, Narcotic Agents finally came up with the result that those three persons are guilty of the conspiracy and corruption related to drug selling in Pennsylvania. While the case was preceded to the Attorney in Pennsylvania.

– Sentenced on May 2019
This case came in the final chapter in May 2019, when Timothy Riley, 48 years old sentenced 36 months in prison. He made $ 800,000 forfeit of conspiracy in a national drug trafficking. John Oiler, as the co-conspirators, sentenced 30 months in prison and forfeit $ 800,000. While the other co-conspirator Michael Riley is still waiting for a sentence from the attorney until now.

They have been conducting a really big number of cash transactions of drugs while they also gave illegal permission of selling drugs around the U.S. In cash tracking, Michael Riley did a bigger transaction than the other two conspirators.

Aftermath, these three conspirators also sentenced guilty for money laundering cases from drug selling that they did in a storage unit. Corruption in the U.S still happened and many cases happen because of access payment in drug trafficking. Narcotic Agents around that place are still doing investigations of some other cases.

Mexico’s Former President May Conduct Embezzlement and Kickbacks
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Mexico’s Former President May Conduct Embezzlement and Kickbacks

The corruption case of PdVSA develops recently, and it may involve Mexico’s former president and staffs. The former head of an oil company accuses President Enrique Pena Nieto and his staff involved in corruption act.
• The Accusation
There still a debate on whether this accusation is accurate or not. Emilio Lozoya, former head of Petroleos Mexicanos, accuses Mexico former president used his power to conduct some bribes.

The event started in 2012 president campaign when Nieto employs state-owned petroleum company as his source of fund. It seems that Mexico’s former president needed a source of fund to sponsor the campaign. However, this is just one possibility in a leaked document which has been confirmed by Mexican authorities.

Lozoya wrote that Pena Nieto and also Luis Videgaray Caso created cooperation with some businessmen who will support the campaign if they got paid. This is the key event that leading to fraud which involves a big amount of money.

• There is No Answer Yet
Mexico government still refuses to give an answer to this accusation. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has already gotten the report and the documents, but he hasn’t finished reading yet. He only states that it is scandalous and a serious complaint, yet he also states that there is a chance the document is not 100 per cent true. Lopez Obrador asks the authority to gain more evidence for this case so, there is no harmed party. It is just like the online betting website,, wants to make sure that all players can get the jackpot.

• How About Lozoya?
Lozoya himself faces an accusation because of the bribe. He stated that he worked as an international relations coordinator for the former president’s campaign. His job is to collect the funding from several foreign companies to make sure that the former president’s image looks good. Furthermore, Pena Nieto promised that the companies will be repaid after they win. One of the ways to repay the companies is by reforming the state-controlled energy sector and making an opening for private companies.
The authority still needs more evidence to prove the accusation. Since the investigation is still in the process, let’s just wait and see how this case will go.

Health Care Corruption: The Effects
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Health Care Corruption: The Effects

Health Care Corruption: The Effects – The United States of America has been known so well as one of the most medicated countries in the world. There are so many Americans that have spent billions for getting the right health treatments and prescription drug. That is the main reason why this country will commonly prepare the specific budget for the health sector every year as well as possible. Unfortunately, there are some health practitioners, officials and organizations that use their power and influence in order to enrich themselves so pathetically by corruption. Even worse, it will give you to the awful effects that you cannot ignore at all. Well, in case you are so curious about those effects, it is so much recommended for you to continue reading below.
– Overmedication
One of the horrible effects of the health care corruption is overmedication which makes 10% of the 6 to 17 years old kids take a prescription regularly. This is a kind of a serious problem because it can cause the immune system of many patients resist the effect of the drugs mainly if they use the pain killer too much. It can even be worse as the overuse of the drugs will cause some side effects which are similar to heroin addiction. Aside of that, it can also lead many patients to the tragic death as well. Furthermore, there are the roles of corruption played behind this issue as the representatives of the pharmaceutical company will pressure the doctors to prescribe more medications to the patients. Then, they will also offer some interesting benefits to the doctors that play along with them, such as free lunches, trips to conferences, speaking fees, and so many more.

Health Care Corruption The Effects

– Consumer Exploitation
Next, consumer exploitation is definitely the other effect of health care corruption that you have to consider for sure. There are many pharmaceutical companies that have been intended to increase the price of the drugs on the market. They claim that the expensive price of the drugs is due to the researches and developments in order to find the new drugs which they believe can give the more effective results. However, there are actually many experts the companies do not need to do any researches or developments to their products as it is not necessary to do in the recent time. So, based on this, it is clear that those companies just want to optimize their profits by taking advantage of the vulnerable consumers.

PdVSA Corruption Case Investigation
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PdVSA Corruption Case Investigation

PdVSA Corruption Case Investigation – Bribery scheme and money laundering activities were spotted at Petróleos de Venezuela SA, and at least 27 people have been pleaded guilty for this case. According to the U.S. Justice Department, this case is the most have pleaded guilty on so, the investigation or any development of this case draw public attention.
• No Comment from PdVSA
Although U.S. prosecutors already file the plea agreement and the names of pleaded guilty already come out to the public, there is still no comment from PdVSA. Even, the lawyer won’t give any comment according to this case.

The latest development of this case is PdVSA former procurement officer, Lennys Rangel, has pleaded guilty to launder bribe payments through the U.S. The amount is up to millions of dollars, and Rangel did the laundering by purchasing a condominium in Miami. Ms Rangel is represented by lawyer Felipe Jaramillo who decline to give any comments about this case, and it makes the public more furious.

• The Bribe’s Aim
This bribe aims to help Petrocedeno, a joint venture of PdVSA and other two European oil companies, in securing come contracts. These contracts must be very important or a very big deal so they should do this kind of crime. Well, if you want to get a lot of money in no time, juts play and place the bet on but don’t commit a crime.

The bribe payments were from Tulio Anibal Farias Perez, Jose Manuel Gonzales, and other businessmen to smoothen the contracts with PdVSA and Citgo. Therefore, not only PdVSA that is in charge of this case but also Citgo Petroleum Corp.

Jose Luis De Jongh Atencio is pleaded guilty because he accepted 2.5 million dollars bribe payments from the businessmen. He worked in Citgo as a procurement officer, and he did this corruption since 2013 to at least 2019. Although the plea agreement said that, Mr De Jongh’s lawyer, Dane Ball said that Mr De Jongh had pleaded not guilty at all.

This case investigation still proceeds, and the public may expect that there will be more parties which are involved in this corruption case. However, still, we hope that this case will never again, and this case can be a lesson for any businessmen to do their business.

Health Care Corruption during the Corona Virus: The Dangers
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Health Care Corruption during the Corona Virus: The Dangers

Health Care Corruption during the Corona Virus: The Dangers – There are big opportunities for corrupt actors in the United States of America whenever the hard times come including when the coronavirus spread all over the world. This global pandemic has affected so many sectors in live, which can be like economy, social, politic, and so many more. All of them has caused stressed situation that will trigger the bad people to make everything worse by corruption. Well, one that might grab your attention is the health care corruption as all the people want to make sure that the medical resources go to the right place. Besides, it can cause several dangers that many have to be aware of. So, you better keep reading below to figure them out.
– It Can Lead to Deadly Consequences
The awful health care corruption in the United States and the world can lead to deadly consequences. The corruption will only make so many institutions of health in the country get the low quality goods which commonly do not suit the standards at all. So then, it seems like they are forced to use many inappropriate equipment that cannot work as well as the expectations for sure. Then, if it keeps happening for such a long time, it will definitely make the people not able to do the safe body collection procedures and quarantine optimally. It means that corruption can really make the coronavirus give more and more negative effects to the people of the country. Even worse, you will also find the more patients that can die tragically because there are no anti-corruption policies to make the more conducive situation during the pandemic.

It Reduces the Quality of the Health Care System

– It Reduces the Quality of the Health Care System
Moreover, the health care corruption can also reduce the quality of the health care system so terribly. In the other words, the health care system cannot be applied optimally as there is the more limited ability to do it well. Well, there are lots of evidences that the high level of health care corruption can really weaken the populations because they cannot get the effective health treatments that they need. Not only that, it can also increase the inequality in the society, which can be so terrible for the social environment. So, that is the main reason why it needs to stop by applying the right strategy to avoid corruption, such as rewarding the health care workers properly, financing the public health care system adequately, strengthening the health care institutions, and so on.

The Ukraine Scandal and Donald Trump’s Impeachment
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The Ukraine Scandal and Donald Trump’s Impeachment

The Ukraine Scandal and Donald Trump’s Impeachment – Have you heard about Ukraine scandal? Some people might not familiar with this issue. The news about Ukraine scandals which involves United States president, Donald Trump has risen to some conclusions. Actually what is Ukraine scandal and what the updated news about it?
– Ukraine Scandal
Some names revealed as the Ukraine scandal goes to public. The key names of Ukraine scandals are Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Rudy Giulani and Hunter Biden. When this scandal surfaces, the news has gone even more viral.

The world was shocked with the recent news that Trump has called the Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and forced him to investigate Hunter Biden related to his position as one of the directors board members of Burisma Holding, the biggest Ukrainian energy company. Later, it is found that the action is actually illegal, and it is a different level of illegal comparing to those restricted but fun online gambling games in

Donald Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giulani, enforce Ukrainian government to do some investigations to Hunter Biden since May 2019. This action is illegal because Trump doing this action as a strategy to beat his political enemy in 2020 US election, Joe Biden. As we know, Hunter Biden is Joe Biden’s son who was assigned to help Ukraine in Obama’s reign.
Joe Biden used to be the vice president of United States in previous election. Trump uses his power to oppress Ukraine government through Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to do some immediate action related to Biden. To make his plan works, Trump suspend the military aid to Ukraine.

– The Update Information
After the Trump’s impeachment open trial in the House of Representatives, some conclusions resulted from the open trial are as follow. First, there are many evidences about the call made by Trump to the newly elected Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. The evidences show that the calls made by Trump are not a usual call but more to an effort to win the next US election against Joe Biden, US presidential candidate for 2020.

Trump postpones an important meeting in oval office and US $400 million in military aids needed badly by Ukraine if the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky doesn’t do the investigation to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Trump suspected Joe Biden with fake corruption connect to his duties in Ukraine during the Obama reign.

Multiyear Conspiration in Pennsylvania 2019
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Multiyear Conspiration in Pennsylvania 2019

Multiyear Conspiration in Pennsylvania 2019 – July 2, 2019, could be the worst day of Mayor of Scranton Willliam L. Courtright. After a long way of investigation, he was pleaded guilty on some corruption cases in Pennsylvania. At least three public corruption cases are pleaded to him. In the beginning, some vendors do not believe in this multiyear corruption case. But after investigations by the FBI, evidence showed that William L. Courtright is guilty of that corruption case.

Resigned from Mayor of Scranton
After he was pleaded guilty by July 2, 2019, Courtright resigned his position as Mayor of Scranton on July 1, 2019. Another evidence also leads to other cases of corruption. This happens and makes quite big economic harm to the city. Later on, the FBI leads the investigation and found that William L. Courtright is guilty for those corruption cases.

– Years of Scandal
Not only for the following year, but William L. Courtright was pleaded that he had already done the corruption since years before. This case started to expose to the public since some activists found evidence that William L. Courtright doing corruption in Pennsylvania and doing pay-to-play with some vendors to win the projects.

– Playing Cash Payment
To hide the operation, William L. Courtright only accepting cash payment in order to make the vendors get some projects of the city. The vendors always accepting the offers from William and they always attempted to play cash in order to pay and to accept the project. It would make the FBI found difficulties in investigating the case.

– Multi-Year Investigation
FBI needed years to find and investigate this case. As a result, they have already got much evidence before they bring William L. Courtright to the public prosecutions for him. An investigation leads by the FBI while William still doing his corruption with the vendors who have business with the city. Because William has high activity of corruption in the City, then the case came into a solution of bringing him to the official court of corruption.

– Three Felony Public Corruption
Unexpectedly, William offended for 3 cases of public corruption in Pennsylvania. All cases still related to the vendors who did their business and projects in the City. After pleaded guilty for corruption, and resigned from Scranton Mayor, Courtright is now waiting for sentencing from the official court of Pennsylvania.

This scandal could be one of the big public corruption that involved the potential of economic harm in the city. Multi-year cases also stated that in the city, public corruption should be one of an important case of the government itself.

The Citizen’s Perception in Latin America and the Caribbean towards Corruption
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The Citizen’s Perception in Latin America and the Caribbean towards Corruption

The Citizen’s Perception in Latin America and the Caribbean Towards Corruption – Cases of corruption become common news on most all over the countries. And there could be so many problems raised from that case. Based on the Global Corruption Barometer or GCB, corruption increased in Latin America and the Caribbean. GCB is the most detailed and transparency International survey of citizen’s perception of corruption in Latin America and the Caribbean.

– Corruption Increased across Several Countries

Based on the GCB survey across 18 countries finds that 53 percent of the surveyed citizens agree that corruption increased in the previous 12 months. In addition to ti, 16 percent of citizens agree that corruption declined.

– A Lack of Government Integrity

The government seems to be less enthusiastic about corruption. The integrity and role of government are important to decline and fight corruption. Based on the survey, 57 percent of the surveyed citizens agree that the government is not doing enough to fight corruption and 39 percent of the citizens agree that the government takes an important role in fighting corruption.

For the highest disagreement finds in Venezuela with 91 percent of surveyed citizens agree that the government is unsuccessful in fighting the corruption in that country. But, it is different in Guyana that 67 percent of the surveyed citizens satisfy with the role of the government on corruption.

– Citizen’s Mistrust to the Government
Through the survey across 18 countries found that more than half of citizens agree that a lot of people on the governments are the most corrupts subject including the presidents, parliamentarians and even the prime ministers.

– Bribery and Voter-Buying is Normal
Bribery and voter-buying can be prohibited in all of the countries. But in fact, these corruptions are still occurred in many countries even becomes a common and normal case.

According to the survey with the citizens, Venezuela gets the highest bribery rate with 50 percent in 2019, Mexico with 34 percent and Peru with 30 percent. And for the lowest overall bribery rate in Costa Rica with seven percent.

– Sexual Extortion or Sextortion Becomes the Main Issues
In this case, women across various countries are vulnerable to the sextortion to receive public services like relating to education and even health care. According to the survey found that one in five citizens experiences sextortion when she is accessing the government service.

The highest sextortion rate is in Barbados with 30 percent and the lowest is in Chile and Panama with the sextortion rate of 14 percent of all the surveyed citizens.

Corruption becomes a big problem in Latin America and the Caribbean. This corruption itself increases the citizen’s perception towards corruption including corruption increased across countries, the government is lacking on integrity, citizen’s mistrust to the government, bribery, and vote-buying becomes normal, and sextortion becomes the major issue.

Some Corruption Cases that Many American People Need to Know

Some Corruption Cases that Many American People Need to Know

Some Corruption Cases that Many American People Need to Know – In a big nation such as United States, corruption might be one of the biggest problems that they have to deal with. That is why it is not a secret anymore if you are able to find some corruption cases that happened in United States. For your information, here are some of those cases of corruptions that you might want to know that happened in the past in America.

The first one is the case of Scott Pruit. This one is considered as the latest one because his position as the administrator in EPA is one thing that happened on the era of Donald Trump. That means this corruption happened just some moments back. On this case, he was believed to do the corruption to get the personal gain based on his position. Unfortunately, the number is not fully shown to the public. The second one is the case of Darleen A. Druyun. This one is a bit old, but it is not something that many people will easily forget. That is because Druyun used to be one of those tops in Air Force on the era of George W. Bush. This case was considered as one of the biggest scandals in US for the last 20 years because she was claimed to be doing some other wrongdoings other than corruption. That is why many people will never easily forget this one.

The next is David Safavian who was jailed for a year for the same corruption case. For this one, people believe that Safavids are corrupt and the proceeds of their corrupt money are used to play online gambling to get greater profits because Safaids are known to like to gamble every day. Unfortunately, the case put him in a worse scenario because he had to deal with prison because of a false statement he gave in court.

Keating Five Corruption Case in Arizona United States
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Keating Five Corruption Case in Arizona United States

Keating Five Corruption Case in Arizona United States – Even though there are a lot of corruptions that happened in the history of United States, not all of those cases were able to shock all of the American people. However, there are few of those case that can be considered as the most shocking of all. One of them is the corruption case that happened in Arizona called Keating Five. The name of the case was taken from the number of the people who get the bribes from Charles Keating, an Executive of Lincoln Saving and Loan Association.

The main problem started when there are problems with the association. As the head of the association and the executive, Charles Keating had to take a major turn to save the association and himself. That is why he finally decided to get the help from five senators that he knew. Two of them that were fully released to the public are Dennis DeConcini and John McCain. For your information, the bailout tax for this case that relates five senators and the association was said to be reaching three billion dollars. That was one great number of money to talk.

Unfortunately, even though this corruption case has been revealed to the public and many people have the same opinion that all of those people need to be properly punished; the thing did not go that well. That is because the committee on the senate said that basically the thing that DeConcini did was something totally inappropriate. However, that thing was not something against the law and the rule. On the other hand, McCain personally admitted that he made a poor judgment related with the case that happened in the past. That was the main reason why both were able to get free without having to do the punishments that many people were expected.

Two of the Most Corrupt US Former Presidents
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Two of the Most Corrupt US Former Presidents

Talking about corruption in America must be a very interesting thing to discuss. This state has been being in an urgent situation to solve any corruption scandals in the government. Such scandals were also inseparable from some of US former presidents. Despite the intriguing discussion of any scandal about the current president, the issue will not be as corrupt as these US presidents. Here is the two of the most corrupt US Former Presidents.

1. Ronald Reagan
The U.S. president who wins the first position is Ronald Reagan. There are lots of scandals occurred in his period. The scandals include a big scandal which has ever involved HUD. Then, the scandal of a copyright infringement issue which happened in the Department of Justice.

The next scandal that happened in Ronal Reagan’s period is the scandal of the EPA’s Sewergate. Besides, there was a big scandal which was known as Operation III Wind. This scandal involved the military and defense department of the country.
However, the biggest scandal which occurred in the period was the Iran-Contra. In this scandal, the heads of the National Defence Council and the CIA made a terrible conspiracy by selling missiles to Iran. This action was triggered as the exchange for the return of the U.S. hostages.

Because of this scandal, the money of Iran had funded the Contra rebels which aimed to overthrow Nicaragua’s left-wing government.

2. Warren G. Harding
Another ex-president of U.S. which is considered as the most corrupt government is Warren G. Harding. The president was only working for two years before his death in 1923. However, his short period of administration has been lots of scandals, both political and personal scandal.

One of the big scandals in his administration was the scandal of the Teapot Dome. This scandal involved the secretary of Harding which was from the Navy. The next scandal was about the attorney general of Harding which resigned because of the bootlegging kickback scheme.

Besides, two of Harding’s department heads were proved having involved in bribery and fraud cases. One of both was Charles Forbes. He was convicted of a massive fraud to the government while the process of building VA hospitals. Further, Thomas Miller who was the head of Office of Alien Property was convicted of a scandal which proved that he was selling German patents seized after World War I.

Those are the two of the most corrupt US Former Presidents. Many corruption scandals they made have entailed lots of loss in the era.

The Greatest Corruption Scandal in California
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The Greatest Corruption Scandal in California

If you think that scandal and corruption only happen on the big city such as Washington, you are wrong. That is because there are quite a lot of scandals happening in some other states in US, including California. In fact, there was a great scandal related with corruption in California that happened in 2010. This corruption is something that you will never forget because the damage is quite big, even for a big state such as California.

The scandal happened when one of the city officials bilked one of the town in California called Bell. This town is quite known as one of those blue-collar town in California. It was Robert Rizzo, the city manager who managed to get all of those money from many different things that he regulated in the town of Bell. As a matter of fact, the number of money that circulated on this corruption case is believed to reach 5.5 million dollars. Because of that great number of money, he was sentenced to prison for the total of 12 years. This time is considered as something long because in many corruption cases, the actor was usually punished for less than 10 years.

For your information, it turned out that he had done this kind of thing for some times. During those times too, he was able to get the salary reaching 800,000 dollars from the city of Bell even though more than 25 percents of the citizens were living under the level of poverty in this city. One thing that he did to earn all of those money was manipulating the data and the tax so that he was able to get more and more money while working as the city officials in the town of Bell. With that great damage, it is just something common that he needs to spend 12 years in prison.

Clinton and the Arkansas Scandal of Whitewater
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Clinton and the Arkansas Scandal of Whitewater

It is not a secret anymore that many people agree that Bill Clinton is one of those American presidents that have achieved some great achievements for the nation. Unfortunately, there was a great thing that made people leave the name of Bill Clinton. It was the scandal of Whitewater in Arkansas. For some people, the case was not that complicated actually, but because of the position of Clinton was the President of United States at that time, made things are going worse and worse.

For your information, when Clinton and his wife used to live in Arkansas, they found some partners to start a new company called Whitewater, the simple term. The corporation is said to be ready to build the vacation homes to attract a lot of attention from many people to spend their holidays in Arkansas. Unfortunately, there are some problems related with the land. That is because they were not using all of their money to start the corporation. They get the money from the loan to start the corporation with some of their partners. The thing that made it worse is the fact that the deals were considered as something quite shady so that some investigations were done to the Whitewater case.

The case of Whitewater was considered as one of the most famous scandals because it involved the President of United States, Bill Clinton. It is not something quite expected for a president to have that kind of scandal. Despite all of those controversies and scandals connecting the President of United States with the past scandals of Whitewater, it was actually something that can be easily cleared. If only Clinton was able to deal with that problem, maybe he would not have to deal with that kind of thing when he was sitting on the White House.

Which Office is the Most Corrupt in US?
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Which Office is the Most Corrupt in US?

Corruption issues have been a never ending effort for US government for centuries now. This problem already existed during the Founding Fathers days. People, especially with title and power, tend to fall into the same mud, and they ended up enjoying it. Among the entire departments and offices in the US government, which one is considered the worst?

Groups in the US Government
The US government consists of several institutions and groups. Each of them has their own scope of working to sustain the country. There are nine influential groups in total. They are grouped on different categories theoretically.

The national government group includes government officials, members of congress, and the president’s office. Public service group includes local officials, judges, police, and tax official, and they work on service level. The last group isn’t a governmental institutions but it works closely to the government. It includes religious leaders, and business executives.

As we expected, there is corruption in all of them. Of course, the rate is different one another.

Corruption Rate in US Government Institutions and Groups
According to a research from conducted in 2017, corruption in US government is increasing. Corruption rate among magistrates and judges is around 16%. The rate is similar in police and tax officials, which are 20% and 21%. Religious leaders, hold your breath, are involved in corruption too, and the rate is pretty shocking, which is 20%.

Local government is on 23% rate which is still pretty high. Rate is overwhelming in other groups. It is 32% in business executives and 33% in government officials. Meanwhile, the rate is reaching 38% among the member of congress.

Which Office is the Most Corrupt in US

Who’s the Winner?
The numbers above is already alarming in this stage. Unfortunately, things are still going worse. Corruption occurs in the president and his officials. The corruption rate on this group reaches 44% which is very upsetting. The number is too high, especially considering it works closely to the head of US.

The previous year, 36% of them clearly state that they are up for corruption if it is possible. The number is then increasing significantly. 44% also means that almost half of the entire people there are committed to corruption. Who knows what is the rate in 2018 and 2019.

In sum, corruption in the US is a serious problem to take care of. Despite the regulations applied in the country so far, the numbers of the corruptor are already very alarming. What do you think the rate will be next year?

Three Ways on How the US is Regarded as the Most Corrupt Country
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Three Ways on How the US is Regarded as the Most Corrupt Country

Talking about America will be usually inseparable from its political and corruption scandals. Such scandals are usually created in a very systematic scheme so that the government will not be easy to tackle them. Further, many people still do not know in what ways such political and corruption scandals have been arising in the state. There are three ways on how the US is regarded as the most corrupt country in the world.

  • Bribery Scandals
    In America, there are so many scandals which show that the politicians could be bribed in order to decrease the industry regulation such as banking. So much money was spent in order to remove particular rules. Not to mention, the political scandals would likely lead to such financial corruption. Some cases even show that such corruption may be considered legal.

All of those problems are triggered because of the strict regulations and government auditing. Without them, the sector of financial was easy to get wild and embraced by lots of corruption issues. Such corruption issues were recorded causing a terrible crash in 2008.

  • The Bloating US Military Budget
    The next thing which becomes one of the ways why the US is considered the most corrupt country is the bloating US military budget. According to the record, the budget of the US military is very high and bloated. Half of the budget may be allocated to the outsourced services instead if the military itself.
Three Ways on How the US is Regarded as the Most Corrupt Country

Thus, this issue may be related to corporate welfare. There were some issues which showed that some military officers resigned and created companies which sell many kinds of stuff to their colleagues which were still on the military.

  • The Corruption Scandal in The National Security Agency’s Domestic Spying
    The ironic thing is that the issue of corruption comes to the National Security Agency’s domestic spying itself. In this surveillance, they are private contractors and government employees are involved. This fact entails the high tendency of various kinds of corruption scandals occur in the surveillance. The more terrible thing is the fact that the American political area will not defend any invasion of citizens’ privacy. It means that the people who could not make money will not be defended.

Those are the three ways on how the US is regarded as the most corrupt country in the world. So many endeavors are still needed to tackle such terrible scandals.

The Two Most Corrupt Politicians in America
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The Two Most Corrupt Politicians in America

The issues of corruption continue to create big headlines in America newspapers. There are so many leaks which are able to let many politicians make any political and financial scandals. Further, many people may assert that the issues of such scandals in the state are so difficult to combat. There are so many ‘talented’ politicians which are able to get lots of benefits from any corruption schemes. Here are the two most corrupt politicians in America.

  • Ray Blanton
    Ray Blanton was one of the members of the Tennessee House of Representatives. In 1975, he was elected as the governor. At the end of his period, there was a scandal which revealed that two of his state employees were charged by the FBI. They were convicted of having a conspiracy and extortion which aim to sell paroles, pardons, and also commutations.
    The most terrible scandal which happened in Ray Blanton’s era was the corruption issues which related to the pardons given to 28 prisoners and 24 convicted murderers. Many sides assumed that there was a lot of money behind those pardons.
    However, the Lieutenant Governor and State House Speaker insisted that the state constitution was unspecific enough pertaining to the time when the new governor had to be sworn in. Because of the action, the new governor namely Alexander was being able to be sworn in three days before the appointed inauguration. As a result, the government was able to get Blanton out before he decided to give pardons to anyone else.
  • Edwin Edwards
    Another the most corrupt politician is Edwin Edwards. He was elected as the Democratic governor of Louisiana from 1972 to 1996. There were so many claims of scandals which were pointed towards him. One of those claims was pertaining to the sale of Louisiana agency post-scandal. In this scandal, he was accused of getting money from the rice broker of the South Korean.
    In 1997, the agents of FBI successfully raided his house and decided to seize over than 400.000 dollars and also some records. In this scandal, Edwards was proved having involved in the act of extorting payment towards several businessmen as the return for the licenses of the riverboat casino.
    The more terrible accusations for Edwards were related to seventeen to twenty-six counts of extortion, conspiracy, racketeering, and also fraud. Because of those convictions, Edwards was seeking a pardon of his sentence commutation.
    Those are the two most corrupt politicians in America. Many sides should work together in order to be ably combating such corrupt people in the region.
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