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Keating Five Corruption Case in Arizona United States

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Keating Five Corruption Case in Arizona United States

Keating Five Corruption Case in Arizona United States – Even though there are a lot of corruptions that happened in the history of United States, not all of those cases were able to shock all of the American people. However, there are few of those case that can be considered as the most shocking of all. One of them is the corruption case that happened in Arizona called Keating Five. The name of the case was taken from the number of the people who get the bribes from Charles Keating, an Executive of Lincoln Saving and Loan Association.

The main problem started when there are problems with the association. As the head of the association and the executive, Charles Keating had to take a major turn to save the association and himself. That is why he finally decided to get the help from five senators that he knew. Two of them that were fully released to the public are Dennis DeConcini and John McCain. For your information, the bailout tax for this case that relates five senators and the association was said to be reaching three billion dollars. That was one great number of money to talk.

Unfortunately, even though this corruption case has been revealed to the public and many people have the same opinion that all of those people need to be properly punished; the thing did not go that well. That is because the committee on the senate said that basically the thing that DeConcini did was something totally inappropriate. However, that thing was not something against the law and the rule. On the other hand, McCain personally admitted that he made a poor judgment related with the case that happened in the past. That was the main reason why both were able to get free without having to do the punishments that many people were expected.

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