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Mexico’s Former President May Conduct Embezzlement and Kickbacks

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President Enrique Pena Nieto and his staff involved in corruption

The corruption case of PdVSA develops recently, and it may involve Mexico’s former president and staffs. The former head of an oil company accuses President Enrique Pena Nieto and his staff involved in corruption act.
• The Accusation
There still a debate on whether this accusation is accurate or not. Emilio Lozoya, former head of Petroleos Mexicanos, accuses Mexico former president used his power to conduct some bribes.

The event started in 2012 president campaign when Nieto employs state-owned petroleum company as his source of fund. It seems that Mexico’s former president needed a source of fund to sponsor the campaign. However, this is just one possibility in a leaked document which has been confirmed by Mexican authorities.

Lozoya wrote that Pena Nieto and also Luis Videgaray Caso created cooperation with some businessmen who will support the campaign if they got paid. This is the key event that leading to fraud which involves a big amount of money.

• There is No Answer Yet
Mexico government still refuses to give an answer to this accusation. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has already gotten the report and the documents, but he hasn’t finished reading yet. He only states that it is scandalous and a serious complaint, yet he also states that there is a chance the document is not 100 per cent true. Lopez Obrador asks the authority to gain more evidence for this case so, there is no harmed party. It is just like the online betting website,, wants to make sure that all players can get the jackpot.

• How About Lozoya?
Lozoya himself faces an accusation because of the bribe. He stated that he worked as an international relations coordinator for the former president’s campaign. His job is to collect the funding from several foreign companies to make sure that the former president’s image looks good. Furthermore, Pena Nieto promised that the companies will be repaid after they win. One of the ways to repay the companies is by reforming the state-controlled energy sector and making an opening for private companies.
The authority still needs more evidence to prove the accusation. Since the investigation is still in the process, let’s just wait and see how this case will go.

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