Bill Owens

Bill Owens New York mugshot

Dishonorable Mention

Rep. Owens and his wife took a trip to Taiwan organized by lobbyists and paid for by the Taiwanese government, violating federal law and House rules.

Although Rep. Owens listed the Chinese Culture University as the trip’s sponsor, it was in fact planned by the Taiwanese government and its registered foreign agent in Washington.  The Office of Congressional Ethics found reason to believe the trip violated House rules and federal law, which prohibit members from accepting payment from foreign governments for the travel of their family members, or for any travel arranged by lobbyists.

  • Three-term member of Congress representing New York’s 21st district
  • Under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for improperly accepting a trip to Taiwan for himself and his wife arranged by lobbyists and paid for by a foreign government
  • One of four members of Congress from New York named to CREW’s Most Corrupt
  • Appeared in CREW’s Family Affair exposé

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