Cliff Stearns

Cliff Stearns Florida mugshot

When it comes to earmarking millions of taxpayer dollars for an institution that contributes to their family income, Rep. Cliff Stearns and his wife make a great team.

The Florida Republican earmarked millions of dollars for the College of Central Florida, where his wife, Joan Stearns, works and has received numerous promotions. He secured several of these earmarks after a House rule change required members to affirm that they had no financial interest in requested earmarks.

Rep. Stearns improperly used official resources during his unsuccessful campaign for reelection this year. The campaign broke house rules by allowing Rep. Stearns’ official press secretary to act as campaign spokesman, and using footage of House proceedings in campaign advertisements.

  • Twelve-term member of Congress from Florida’s sixth district
  • Earmarked millions of dollars to his wife’s employer, and used official resources to support his reelection campaign
  • One of three members from Florida named to CREW’s Most Corrupt
  • Appeared in CREW's Family Affair exposé 


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