Don Young

Don Young Alaska mugshot

A long-running FBI investigation produced a vast amount of evidence that Rep. Don Young earmarked funds to benefit a campaign donor and used campaign funds to pay for personal expenses for himself and his late wife.

In 2005, the Alaska Republican inserted a $10 million earmark into a transportation bill — after it passed Congress, but before the president signed it into law — for a highway interchange that would benefit one of his campaign contributors.

After a lawsuit, CREW obtained documents about the FBI’s investigation into the earmark revealing the bureau also investigated Rep. Young and his late wife, Lu Young, for using campaign funds to pay for personal expenses like meals, travel, and dry cleaning.

  • Twenty-one-term member of Congress representing Alaska’s at-large district
  • Subject of a lengthy FBI investigation for earmarking funds to benefit a campaign donor
  • Under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for using campaign funds for personal expenses, failing to disclose gifts, and making false statements
  • Previously named to CREW’s Most Corrupt in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2012
  • Read our May 2012 report What CREW has learned about Don Young

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