Robert Menendez

Robert Menendez New Jersey mugshot

It’s good to be friends with Sen. Menendez: Give him gifts and campaign money, and he’ll use his position to take care of your business interests.

Sen. Menendez is reportedly under investigation for intervening with federal officials to help a close friend, Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, in disputes over Medicare billing and a Dominican port security contract.  Dr. Melgen, his family, and his company have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Sen. Menendez and committees supporting him.  Additionally, Sen. Menendez took two personal trips to the Dominican Republic aboard Dr. Melgen’s jet, while failing to disclose them as gifts.

  • Three-term U.S. Senator from New Jersey
  • Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee
  • Reportedly under federal investigation for using his position to benefit the business interests of a close friend and campaign donor
  • Under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee for failing to disclose private flights to the Dominican Republic as gifts
  • One of two members from New Jersey named in CREW’s Most Corrupt report 

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