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Multiyear Conspiration in Pennsylvania 2019

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Multiyear Conspiration in Pennsylvania 2019

Multiyear Conspiration in Pennsylvania 2019 – July 2, 2019, could be the worst day of Mayor of Scranton Willliam L. Courtright. After a long way of investigation, he was pleaded guilty on some corruption cases in Pennsylvania. At least three public corruption cases are pleaded to him. In the beginning, some vendors do not believe in this multiyear corruption case. But after investigations by the FBI, evidence showed that William L. Courtright is guilty of that corruption case.

Resigned from Mayor of Scranton
After he was pleaded guilty by July 2, 2019, Courtright resigned his position as Mayor of Scranton on July 1, 2019. Another evidence also leads to other cases of corruption. This happens and makes quite big economic harm to the city. Later on, the FBI leads the investigation and found that William L. Courtright is guilty for those corruption cases.

– Years of Scandal
Not only for the following year, but William L. Courtright was pleaded that he had already done the corruption since years before. This case started to expose to the public since some activists found evidence that William L. Courtright doing corruption in Pennsylvania and doing pay-to-play with some vendors to win the projects.

– Playing Cash Payment
To hide the operation, William L. Courtright only accepting cash payment in order to make the vendors get some projects of the city. The vendors always accepting the offers from William and they always attempted to play cash in order to pay and to accept the project. It would make the FBI found difficulties in investigating the case.

– Multi-Year Investigation
FBI needed years to find and investigate this case. As a result, they have already got much evidence before they bring William L. Courtright to the public prosecutions for him. An investigation leads by the FBI while William still doing his corruption with the vendors who have business with the city. Because William has high activity of corruption in the City, then the case came into a solution of bringing him to the official court of corruption.

– Three Felony Public Corruption
Unexpectedly, William offended for 3 cases of public corruption in Pennsylvania. All cases still related to the vendors who did their business and projects in the City. After pleaded guilty for corruption, and resigned from Scranton Mayor, Courtright is now waiting for sentencing from the official court of Pennsylvania.

This scandal could be one of the big public corruption that involved the potential of economic harm in the city. Multi-year cases also stated that in the city, public corruption should be one of an important case of the government itself.

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