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Legal Filings

CREW Calls for Investigation of Alaska State Rep. Lynn Gattis Over Land Deal Payday

CREW Files FOIA Request Seeking Records of DOJ’s Communications with House Ethics Committee

Rep. Young’s Privacy Interest Doesn’t Trump Public Right to Learn About DOJ Corruption Inquiry

CREW Files Opposition, Motion for Summary Judgment in DOJ Lawsuit Regarding Rep. Young Investigation

CREW Files FOIAs with Dept. of Transportation and Navy for Records Regarding Rep. Don Young

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CREW Releases New Report Exposing Influence of Fracking Industry

CREW Names the 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress; Four More Earn Dishonorable Mentions

Court Rejects Privacy Arguments in Don Young Case

CREW Responds to Letter Regarding Investigation of Rep. Don Young

DOJ Releases Documents to CREW Indicating Rep. Don Young (R-AK) Currently Under Investigation

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Major Airlines Contribute Airfare to Honor Politicians

Judges are Getting it Right – We Deserve to Know What DOJ is Up To

The Empty Ted Stevens Files

Toobin is Wrong, Senator Stevens was Guilty

Alaska Personnel Board finds Palin’s legal defense fund was illegal

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Craziest Quotes 2014: Don Young

The House Ethics Committee Investigation Of Rep. Don Young Comes Up Short

Database: Fracking Industry Contributions to 113th Congress

Map: States Where the Fracking Industry is Active

Natural Cash - Fracking Industry Contributions to Congress

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