Results — DOE and Wall Street

Legal Filings

CREW Sues Department of Education for Stonewalling FOIA Process

Education Scandal Deepens; Inspector General Must Investigate

CREW Receives Dept. of Education Response to Request for Investigation

CREW Files FOIA with Dept. of Education for Records of Communications with Robert Shireman

Department of Education Files Motion for Summary Judgment in CREW’s FOIA Lawsuit

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CREW Provides SEC New Information about Short-sellers’ Efforts to Shape Education Regulations

CREW Calls for Investigation Into Possible Market Manipulation by Wall Street

CREW Demands Investigation into Wall Street Investors’ Manipulation of Education Regulations

CREW Seeks Records of Talks Dept. of Ed. and Advocates of Tighter Regulation of For-Profit Education

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This Is The Document Morgan Stanley Doesn’t Want You To See

Why is the Department of Education Rushing Regulations?

Education Update – More, Many More, Emails to Come

Uncovering the Truth About Who’s Profiting from For-profit Education Regulation

Finding the Truth About For-Profit Education

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CREW Statement on Senate Democracy Proposals

CREW Files Comments with the FEC in Response to Citizens United

CREW and Coalition Urge Congress to Pass FOIA Legislation Without Modification

CREW Joins Coalition in Letter to President Obama to Express Views on SEC Vacancies

CREW and Coalition Urge Congress to Restore Protections to Whistleblowers

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