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Legal Filings

CREW Calls on Senate Leadership to Enforce Rules Regarding Secret Holds

CREW Calls for Super Committee Members to Abstain from Fundraising

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CREW Releases New Report Examining the Influence of High Frequency Traders in Washington

CREW Releases New Report Detailing Mining Industry’s Influence in Washington

CREW: At Least Five Crooked Candidates Coming to Washington

CREW Asks Sens. Reid, McConnell and DeMint to Push for End to Secret Holds

CREW Asks Senators Reid, McConnel and DeMint to Push for End to Secret Holds

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What to Make of the Senate Rules Reform

Secret Holds Are Filibuster’s Silent Partner in Stalling

Modest Yet Necessary First Steps to Reform the Senate

Public Corruption Provisions to the STOCK Act Withering on the Vine

Changing Business As Usual

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CREW and Coaliton Sign onto Letter Opposing DoD’s Propsoal to Alter FOIA

CREW Encourages Senate to Vote on Nominees Before 113th Congress Ends

CREW Recommends Changes To Senate Ethics Process

CREW Encourages Senate to Hold Votes on EAC Nominees Before November

CREW Joins Coalition in Opposing FISA Amendments Act

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Defensive Game

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