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Legal Filings

CREW Requests Investigation into Improper Industry Influence on the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standards

CREW Sues DOJ for Failure to Provide Rep. Murtha Investigation Records

CREW Files FOIA Appeal Regarding Investigations of Rep. Murtha

CREW Files FOIA Requests Regarding Investigation of Rep. Murtha

CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Reps. Sessions and Fitzpatrick

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CREW Names the Worst Governors in America

CREW: The Capitol is Not a Frat House

CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Reps. Sessions and Fitzpatrick

CREW Urges Sen. DeMint to End Federal Funding for Little-Used Airport in Rep. Hal Rogers’ District

CREW Releases “You Don’t Know Jack” – A Map to Rep. Murtha’s Special Interests

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Business and Pleasure Mix on Rep. Shuster’s Frequent Tropical Fundraising Trips

How a Rote State Budget Negotiation Turned into a Historic Partisan Gridlock

How Rep. Bill Shuster Came to the Rescue of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ Charter Industry

Koch Network Backed Mysterious Group Pushing to Shift Allocation of PA Electoral Votes

Reps. Lujan Grisham and Cartwright Take On Dark Money Non-Profits

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CREW Report Reveals Sen. Pat Toomey Used Position to Benefit Family members

Funds for Favors II: Exposing Donors’ Influence on Committee Leaders

Database: Fracking Industry Contributions to 113th Congress

Map: States Where the Fracking Industry is Active

Natural Cash - Fracking Industry Contributions to Congress

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