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Legal Filings

CREW Requests FTC Investigate Former Senator Scott Brown

CREW Requests FEC and DOJ Investigate American Conservative Union’s Illegal Conduit Contribution

CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) for Accepting Free Travel and Lodging

CREW Requests SEC Investigate Manipulation of Drug Company Stock Price to Benefit Short Sellers

CREW Calls for Criminal Inquiry Into Potential Widespread Bribery in House of Representatives

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CREW Statement of FEC Action on Newt Gingrich

CREW Files IRS Complaint Against Michigan Advocacy Trust

CREW Calls on IRS to Investigate Center for Medical Progress

CREW Requests Investigations into Pay-to-Play Violations by MA Gov. Candidate Charlie Baker

Gingrich Lies About His Past Lobbying Again

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Melanie Sloan on AC360 and CBS News

CREW Calls for criminal investigation into Christine O’Donnell for campaign finance fraud

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CREW Discusses Christine O’Donnell Controversy

Melanie Sloan Discusses Ensign’s EthicsTroubles

Melanie Sloan Speaks Out Against Sean Hannity’s Tax Violations

Melanie Sloan Discusses Sean Hannity’s Tax Violations

Melanie Sloan Questions Subsidized Housing in C Street House

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House Ethics Committee Statement re Maxine Water Outside Counsel Hiring

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