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Legal Filings
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CREW Lukewarm on STOCK Act

CREW Congratulates February’s Scoundrel of the Month: Rep. Eric Cantor

CREW Slams Cantor’s Sham STOCK Act and Calls for Open Conference

CREW Strongly Urges Senate to Pass Congressional Integrity & Pension Forfeiture Amend. to STOCK Act

CREW Urges Senate to Pass the Corruption Prosecution Amendment to STOCK Act

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CREW and 60 Minutes Expose Another Congressional Scheme

Weekly Roundup, April 5

How Would You Rate the 112th Congress?

Public Corruption Provisions to the STOCK Act Withering on the Vine

Changing Business As Usual

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President Obama Signs the STOCK Act CREW was there

Melanie Sloan Discusses Shelving of the STOCK Act

Is Congress Cashing In? Discussing the STOCK Act on AC360

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112th Congress Review - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

CREW and Coalition Urge Senate to Strengthen STOCK Act

CREW to Republican Leadership: Don’t Delay Full Consideration of STOCK Act

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