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PdVSA Corruption Case Investigation

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PdVSA Corruption Case Investigation

PdVSA Corruption Case Investigation – Bribery scheme and money laundering activities were spotted at Petróleos de Venezuela SA, and at least 27 people have been pleaded guilty for this case. According to the U.S. Justice Department, this case is the most have pleaded guilty on so, the investigation or any development of this case draw public attention.
• No Comment from PdVSA
Although U.S. prosecutors already file the plea agreement and the names of pleaded guilty already come out to the public, there is still no comment from PdVSA. Even, the lawyer won’t give any comment according to this case.

The latest development of this case is PdVSA former procurement officer, Lennys Rangel, has pleaded guilty to launder bribe payments through the U.S. The amount is up to millions of dollars, and Rangel did the laundering by purchasing a condominium in Miami. Ms Rangel is represented by lawyer Felipe Jaramillo who decline to give any comments about this case, and it makes the public more furious.

• The Bribe’s Aim
This bribe aims to help Petrocedeno, a joint venture of PdVSA and other two European oil companies, in securing come contracts. These contracts must be very important or a very big deal so they should do this kind of crime. Well, if you want to get a lot of money in no time, juts play and place the bet on but don’t commit a crime.

The bribe payments were from Tulio Anibal Farias Perez, Jose Manuel Gonzales, and other businessmen to smoothen the contracts with PdVSA and Citgo. Therefore, not only PdVSA that is in charge of this case but also Citgo Petroleum Corp.

Jose Luis De Jongh Atencio is pleaded guilty because he accepted 2.5 million dollars bribe payments from the businessmen. He worked in Citgo as a procurement officer, and he did this corruption since 2013 to at least 2019. Although the plea agreement said that, Mr De Jongh’s lawyer, Dane Ball said that Mr De Jongh had pleaded not guilty at all.

This case investigation still proceeds, and the public may expect that there will be more parties which are involved in this corruption case. However, still, we hope that this case will never again, and this case can be a lesson for any businessmen to do their business.

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