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Some Corruption Cases that Many American People Need to Know

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Some Corruption Cases that Many American People Need to Know

Some Corruption Cases that Many American People Need to Know – In a big nation such as United States, corruption might be one of the biggest problems that they have to deal with. That is why it is not a secret anymore if you are able to find some corruption cases that happened in United States. For your information, here are some of those cases of corruptions that you might want to know that happened in the past in America.

The first one is the case of Scott Pruit. This one is considered as the latest one because his position as the administrator in EPA is one thing that happened on the era of Donald Trump. That means this corruption happened just some moments back. On this case, he was believed to do the corruption to get the personal gain based on his position. Unfortunately, the number is not fully shown to the public. The second one is the case of Darleen A. Druyun. This one is a bit old, but it is not something that many people will easily forget. That is because Druyun used to be one of those tops in Air Force on the era of George W. Bush. This case was considered as one of the biggest scandals in US for the last 20 years because she was claimed to be doing some other wrongdoings other than corruption. That is why many people will never easily forget this one.

The next is David Safavian who was jailed for a year for the same corruption case. For this one, people believe that Safavids are corrupt and the proceeds of their corrupt money are used to play online gambling to get greater profits because Safaids are known to like to gamble every day. Unfortunately, the case put him in a worse scenario because he had to deal with prison because of a false statement he gave in court.

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