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The Greatest Corruption Scandal in California

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The Greatest Corruption Scandal in California

If you think that scandal and corruption only happen on the big city such as Washington, you are wrong. That is because there are quite a lot of scandals happening in some other states in US, including California. In fact, there was a great scandal related with corruption in California that happened in 2010. This corruption is something that you will never forget because the damage is quite big, even for a big state such as California.

The scandal happened when one of the city officials bilked one of the town in California called Bell. This town is quite known as one of those blue-collar town in California. It was Robert Rizzo, the city manager who managed to get all of those money from many different things that he regulated in the town of Bell. As a matter of fact, the number of money that circulated on this corruption case is believed to reach 5.5 million dollars. Because of that great number of money, he was sentenced to prison for the total of 12 years. This time is considered as something long because in many corruption cases, the actor was usually punished for less than 10 years.

For your information, it turned out that he had done this kind of thing for some times. During those times too, he was able to get the salary reaching 800,000 dollars from the city of Bell even though more than 25 percents of the citizens were living under the level of poverty in this city. One thing that he did to earn all of those money was manipulating the data and the tax so that he was able to get more and more money while working as the city officials in the town of Bell. With that great damage, it is just something common that he needs to spend 12 years in prison.

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