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The Two Most Corrupt Politicians in America

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The Two Most Corrupt Politicians in America

The issues of corruption continue to create big headlines in America newspapers. There are so many leaks which are able to let many politicians make any political and financial scandals. Further, many people may assert that the issues of such scandals in the state are so difficult to combat. There are so many ‘talented’ politicians which are able to get lots of benefits from any corruption schemes. Here are the two most corrupt politicians in America.

  • Ray Blanton
    Ray Blanton was one of the members of the Tennessee House of Representatives. In 1975, he was elected as the governor. At the end of his period, there was a scandal which revealed that two of his state employees were charged by the FBI. They were convicted of having a conspiracy and extortion which aim to sell paroles, pardons, and also commutations.
    The most terrible scandal which happened in Ray Blanton’s era was the corruption issues which related to the pardons given to 28 prisoners and 24 convicted murderers. Many sides assumed that there was a lot of money behind those pardons.
    However, the Lieutenant Governor and State House Speaker insisted that the state constitution was unspecific enough pertaining to the time when the new governor had to be sworn in. Because of the action, the new governor namely Alexander was being able to be sworn in three days before the appointed inauguration. As a result, the government was able to get Blanton out before he decided to give pardons to anyone else.
  • Edwin Edwards
    Another the most corrupt politician is Edwin Edwards. He was elected as the Democratic governor of Louisiana from 1972 to 1996. There were so many claims of scandals which were pointed towards him. One of those claims was pertaining to the sale of Louisiana agency post-scandal. In this scandal, he was accused of getting money from the rice broker of the South Korean.
    In 1997, the agents of FBI successfully raided his house and decided to seize over than 400.000 dollars and also some records. In this scandal, Edwards was proved having involved in the act of extorting payment towards several businessmen as the return for the licenses of the riverboat casino.
    The more terrible accusations for Edwards were related to seventeen to twenty-six counts of extortion, conspiracy, racketeering, and also fraud. Because of those convictions, Edwards was seeking a pardon of his sentence commutation.
    Those are the two most corrupt politicians in America. Many sides should work together in order to be ably combating such corrupt people in the region.

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