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The Ukraine Scandal and Donald Trump’s Impeachment

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The Ukraine Scandal and Donald Trump’s Impeachment

The Ukraine Scandal and Donald Trump’s Impeachment – Have you heard about Ukraine scandal? Some people might not familiar with this issue. The news about Ukraine scandals which involves United States president, Donald Trump has risen to some conclusions. Actually what is Ukraine scandal and what the updated news about it?
– Ukraine Scandal
Some names revealed as the Ukraine scandal goes to public. The key names of Ukraine scandals are Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Rudy Giulani and Hunter Biden. When this scandal surfaces, the news has gone even more viral.

The world was shocked with the recent news that Trump has called the Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and forced him to investigate Hunter Biden related to his position as one of the directors board members of Burisma Holding, the biggest Ukrainian energy company. Later, it is found that the action is actually illegal, and it is a different level of illegal comparing to those restricted but fun online gambling games in

Donald Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giulani, enforce Ukrainian government to do some investigations to Hunter Biden since May 2019. This action is illegal because Trump doing this action as a strategy to beat his political enemy in 2020 US election, Joe Biden. As we know, Hunter Biden is Joe Biden’s son who was assigned to help Ukraine in Obama’s reign.
Joe Biden used to be the vice president of United States in previous election. Trump uses his power to oppress Ukraine government through Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to do some immediate action related to Biden. To make his plan works, Trump suspend the military aid to Ukraine.

– The Update Information
After the Trump’s impeachment open trial in the House of Representatives, some conclusions resulted from the open trial are as follow. First, there are many evidences about the call made by Trump to the newly elected Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. The evidences show that the calls made by Trump are not a usual call but more to an effort to win the next US election against Joe Biden, US presidential candidate for 2020.

Trump postpones an important meeting in oval office and US $400 million in military aids needed badly by Ukraine if the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky doesn’t do the investigation to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Trump suspected Joe Biden with fake corruption connect to his duties in Ukraine during the Obama reign.

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