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Two of the Most Corrupt US Former Presidents

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Two of the Most Corrupt US Former Presidents

Talking about corruption in America must be a very interesting thing to discuss. This state has been being in an urgent situation to solve any corruption scandals in the government. Such scandals were also inseparable from some of US former presidents. Despite the intriguing discussion of any scandal about the current president, the issue will not be as corrupt as these US presidents. Here is the two of the most corrupt US Former Presidents.

1. Ronald Reagan
The U.S. president who wins the first position is Ronald Reagan. There are lots of scandals occurred in his period. The scandals include a big scandal which has ever involved HUD. Then, the scandal of a copyright infringement issue which happened in the Department of Justice.

The next scandal that happened in Ronal Reagan’s period is the scandal of the EPA’s Sewergate. Besides, there was a big scandal which was known as Operation III Wind. This scandal involved the military and defense department of the country.
However, the biggest scandal which occurred in the period was the Iran-Contra. In this scandal, the heads of the National Defence Council and the CIA made a terrible conspiracy by selling missiles to Iran. This action was triggered as the exchange for the return of the U.S. hostages.

Because of this scandal, the money of Iran had funded the Contra rebels which aimed to overthrow Nicaragua’s left-wing government.

2. Warren G. Harding
Another ex-president of U.S. which is considered as the most corrupt government is Warren G. Harding. The president was only working for two years before his death in 1923. However, his short period of administration has been lots of scandals, both political and personal scandal.

One of the big scandals in his administration was the scandal of the Teapot Dome. This scandal involved the secretary of Harding which was from the Navy. The next scandal was about the attorney general of Harding which resigned because of the bootlegging kickback scheme.

Besides, two of Harding’s department heads were proved having involved in bribery and fraud cases. One of both was Charles Forbes. He was convicted of a massive fraud to the government while the process of building VA hospitals. Further, Thomas Miller who was the head of Office of Alien Property was convicted of a scandal which proved that he was selling German patents seized after World War I.

Those are the two of the most corrupt US Former Presidents. Many corruption scandals they made have entailed lots of loss in the era.

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