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Which Office is the Most Corrupt in US?

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Which Office is the Most Corrupt in US

Corruption issues have been a never ending effort for US government for centuries now. This problem already existed during the Founding Fathers days. People, especially with title and power, tend to fall into the same mud, and they ended up enjoying it. Among the entire departments and offices in the US government, which one is considered the worst?

Groups in the US Government
The US government consists of several institutions and groups. Each of them has their own scope of working to sustain the country. There are nine influential groups in total. They are grouped on different categories theoretically.

The national government group includes government officials, members of congress, and the president’s office. Public service group includes local officials, judges, police, and tax official, and they work on service level. The last group isn’t a governmental institutions but it works closely to the government. It includes religious leaders, and business executives.

As we expected, there is corruption in all of them. Of course, the rate is different one another.

Corruption Rate in US Government Institutions and Groups
According to a research from conducted in 2017, corruption in US government is increasing. Corruption rate among magistrates and judges is around 16%. The rate is similar in police and tax officials, which are 20% and 21%. Religious leaders, hold your breath, are involved in corruption too, and the rate is pretty shocking, which is 20%.

Local government is on 23% rate which is still pretty high. Rate is overwhelming in other groups. It is 32% in business executives and 33% in government officials. Meanwhile, the rate is reaching 38% among the member of congress.

Which Office is the Most Corrupt in US

Who’s the Winner?
The numbers above is already alarming in this stage. Unfortunately, things are still going worse. Corruption occurs in the president and his officials. The corruption rate on this group reaches 44% which is very upsetting. The number is too high, especially considering it works closely to the head of US.

The previous year, 36% of them clearly state that they are up for corruption if it is possible. The number is then increasing significantly. 44% also means that almost half of the entire people there are committed to corruption. Who knows what is the rate in 2018 and 2019.

In sum, corruption in the US is a serious problem to take care of. Despite the regulations applied in the country so far, the numbers of the corruptor are already very alarming. What do you think the rate will be next year?

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