Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk Illinois mugshot

Dishonorable Mention

Over the course of his career in the House and Senate, Sen. Mark Kirk promoted legislation benefiting clients of his girlfriend, Washington, D.C. public relations professional Dodie McCracken.

In three instances, the Illinois Republican sponsored bills that would allow non-profits represented by Ms. McCracken’s firm to issue commemorative coins. Two of the bills became law, yielding more than $2 million for each of Ms. McCracken’s clients.

Sen. Kirk also used funds from his 2010 campaign to pay both Ms. McCracken and his ex-wife, and went to great lengths to obscure the payments. Although Ms. McCracken paid several hundred dollars’ worth of their expenses during their trip to Greece, Sen. Kirk never disclosed the expenses or reported them as a gift.

  • First-term senator representing Illinois
  • Passed laws affording financial benefits to his girlfriend’s clients, and paid both his girlfriend and ex-wife using campaign funds
  • One of two members from Illinois named to CREW’s Most Corrupt


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