Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann Minnesota mugshot

Rep. Bachmann's short-lived presidential campaign didn't launch her into the White House, but it launched a stunning number of ethics and criminal investigations.

Rep. Bachmann appears to have improperly used her presidential campaign resources to promote her memoir, and the Department of Justice is investigating whether the Bachmann campaign illegally coordinated advertising with a super PAC.

Meanwhile, a campaign aide turned whistleblower filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint alleging Rep. Bachmann improperly paid campaign staff from her leadership PAC. The campaign also allegedly withheld compensation from presidential campaign staffers who did not sign confidentiality agreements. Another former aide alleged the Bachmann campaign stole an email list, a theft that is still under investigation.

  • Four-term member of Congress representing Minnesota's 6th district
  • Under investigation by the Federal Election Commission, House Ethics Committee, and Federal Bureau of Investigation for violating campaign finance laws while running for president by improperly paying staff from her leadership PAC and using her campaign resources to promote her memoir
  • Under investigation by the Department of Justice for possible illegal coordination between her presidential campaign and a super PAC
  • Under investigation by the Urbandale, Iowa police department for the theft of an email list
  • Cited in CREW’s Last Call report on GOP post-presidential primary spending in 2012

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